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Our complete practice management and physician billing solution eliminates all charge entry, claim submission, payment posting and follow-up, and much more:

  • Claims submission and tracking helping to ensure timely payment
  • Remittance advice posting, including EOB scanning and payment verification
  • New payer rule development helping to monitor changes and keep payment on track
  • Advanced claims scrubbing resulting in clean claims the first time 
  • Extensive follow-up and appeals process where nothing gets left behind
  • No-hassle, web-based software that is secure to use and implement
  • Fully customize reports available 24/7 in real time, providing in depth visibility in to practice performance and trends
  • Periodic account reviews where we examine payer successes and opportunities for improvement 

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Electronic and Paper Claim System - THB manages all data entry, claims and claims tracking for you. We have the capability to transmit claims electronically to thousands of insurance carriers nationwide. With THB electronically submitted claims are typically paid within 15 days.

Advanced Claims Review System - Coding errors cost doctors over $6 billion annually. THB's advanced claims scrubber identifies and corrects errors and omissions before claims are submitted. The results are reduced denials and faster reimbursement.

Claims Adjudication - Only 70% of the average medical practice's insurance claims are ever paid by carriers. THB aggressively monitors and accesses EOB's and payments to ensure the highest possible reimbursement rate.

Fallow-up - At THB, claim follow-up is a priority. Our staff regularly follows up on the progress of your claims to make sure you are receiving prompt, correct payments.

Management Reports - THB provides your practice with the most advanced financial and practice analysis reports available in the industry today. Custom reports can be generated at your request, and a wide range of standard reports are instantly available. 

Remote Access - We provide you with Internet access to all of your account information, giving you 100% direct visibility over patient data, current charges, as well as financial performance.